23 January 2008

Vacation in the Tropics

Well, it only lasted an hour or so, but still...

This is what is going on outside:

And, while we don't have the bitter cold we had over the weekend, it has still been down in the single digits. So this morning we spent a lovely hour at the Olbrich Gardens Conservatory. If not for a bad case of camnesia, there would have been some lovely tropical pictures for contrast. Lots of orchids were in bloom and were just gorgeous. All of the brightly colored flowers were a welcome change to the largely monochrome landscape outside (which, incidentally, I also think is stunning...just needed a change!)

Knitting is in an odd holding pattern for the moment. I have too many WIPs going to start anything new though. The only thing left on the princess slippers is a button and elastic loop and maybe some embroidery; I have knit on the second princess hat until I ran out of yarn, so that is waiting; I have to wait for clue #2 to come out on Friday before I can work on my stole again; I am almost done with the strap for my crazy purse, but I'm not going to felt it until I can do the princess hat at the same time; I need to pull out the sewing machine to attach the skirt to the princess dress, as well as add a button and elastic loop; while the sewing machine is out, I also have to sew a lining for the crazy purse. So my choices are:

  • work on the purse handle (not very much left)
  • work on Kitty Man socks (my hands get tired with the tiny needles and cotton yarn if I work too long)
  • go to JoAnn's to get three buttons and a skein of wool
  • pull out the sewing machine
Hmmm...where's the mindless knit when you need it?


Namma said...

It looks like your poor little winged friends are going to have to stand in a snow drift to eat! I've had Dad's shop light on our hummingbird feeder for the past two nights. With the temps going down into the high 20s here during the night, the "hummingbird juice" would be frozen over by morning. Right now, the hummingbirds think they're on a tropical island when they stop and perch for sips (with a nice warm light bulb shining above them). It certainly brings out the iridescence in their feathers.

Even though the sun's been shining the last few days, the Gorge wind has been blowing, which definitely blows away any solar gain that we might be getting. I would like a trip to Olbrich's right now (in lieu of Hawaii or other tropical clime).

Marianne said...

...camnesia strikes again!....

Your snow really IS stunning, beautiful and I can *almost* hear that 'hush'...that certain quiet that comes with snowfall, I just love that... we gots no snow here.

Wow, you're almost in a vortex...
I'd say a trip to get the wool! or have Kitty Daddy pick some up on his way home.... :^)

Cate said...

Yeah, my knitting has reached a similar stand still... though it has more to do with avoiding making a promised baby blanket than anything else in my case :)