03 January 2008

Other Knitting Stuff

Other knitting that has been going on...

First up, Kitty Man socks:

Yeah, I know that this isn't how "two socks on two circulars" is supposed to be, but it is what works for me! I did the cuffs of my mom's patriotic socks at the same time using magic loop, but 32" circulars just aren't quite long enough, so it felt really awkward. Also, doing them at the same time made it seem like they were moving SO SLOW! Going back and forth between the two works better for me. Only working on one at a time goes fast enough to make noticeable progress, but taking turns prevents second sock syndrome and ensure that I do the heels and other stuff the same.

Second in progress is Bean's Princess dress.

Except for weaving in the ends, the bodice is finished. We stopped at JoAnn's yesterday and picked up the fabric for the skirt...very shiny and fancy. Now I just need to get the sewing machine out to finish it up!

I am also working on the pointy, felted princess hat in New Knits on the Block. No pictures yet as it isn't particularly attractive in it's pre-felted form. I think it will be a quick knit though. Out of the same yarn I am also planning a pair of Fiber Trends felted ballet slippers as princess shoes. I'm thinking that both the hat and shoes might end up with some sort of embroidery using the sparkly red and gold yarn. We'll see.

I also (finally) got around to ordering yarn for the Secret of the Stole II. I ordered two hanks of Laceweight Bare from KnitPicks, as well as some needle tips and sock circulars with some of my Christmas money. I have just a little over two weeks for waiting for the yarn to get here and to swatch before the first clue comes out on the 18th. If you are curious, there is a button on the right sidebar that links to more info about the KAL.


Marianne said...

Oh yeah, look at you making the Princess dress with crown and slippers! You are so amazing! When your kids are teenagers I will be there to remind them just how cool and wonderful a mom you are.. (only in case they seem to forget and play the dumb teenager thing....) I have a strong feeling they're not gonna go 'there', you know?

Namma said...

Bean is going to be a Guinevere...to Bug's Sir Lancelot! Looks very cool, indeed. She will be even more of princess when she wears this new outfit. The felted ballet slippers look really cute, too.

knottykitty said...

What a great mom you are! That princess dress and hat and slippers are going to be awesome! Bean will probably never take them off!

I also do my socks on two sets of two circulars and go back and forth between the two. At the rate I knit, the 2nd socks would never get started by the time I finished the first!