18 January 2008

Spin my Spindle

I'm still spinning...it's amazing how much faster it goes when you do it regularly, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, I know. That's how most things work. I'm just a slow study. Either that or I like surprises. After I wound of the first single of alpaca onto a "bobbin" [read: cardboard toilet paper roll], I started my little blob of viscose on the Turkish spindle, just for some variety.

Spin My Spindle
11 Jan to 17 Jan 2008

Activity: Spinning Winding single Spinning
Fiber: Alpaca Alpaca Viscose
Spindle: Ashford [Bobbin] Turkish
Amount: 12 grams
86 grams 2 grams

The first clue for Secret of the Stole came out today. I have it downloaded and printed and I am just itching to cast on, but it will have to wait. We will be leaving for lunch and library in about an hour and a half and I have to get books together, find shoes and socks, find coats, get one more kid dressed (yeah, I know, not in that order), etc.


Namma said...

Yeaaaa! An Excel chart!!