11 January 2008

Spinning my Spindle

I am taking motivation from Dave at Cabin Cove, I will be spinning my spindle in 2008. Hey, any excuse to make a spreadsheet, right? My goal is to spin every week and update my progress here.

I have some lovely fibers in the stash and I know that the only way to get better at spinning is to practice, practice, practice. I know that I'm not going to be producing yards and yards of finished yarn every week, but if I can spin a few grams a week, I will get better and, slowly, some yarn will get spun!

Spin My Spindle
1 Jan to 10 Jan 2008

Activity: Spinning
Fiber: Alpaca
Spindle: Ashford
Amount: 26 grams


Marianne said...

Good Spinning to you!

Namma said...

Enjoy! It's that time of year (January) when it's nice to have interesting indoor activities and new goals.

Knittymama said...

Glad to see you getting into the spinning too!