26 January 2008

Let's get rolling!

Well, little mister Beebster has reached a milestone! After several weeks of kicking and wiggling around on the floor, he managed to get himself over from tummy to back. He almost did an encore going from back to tummy, but couldn't quite manage to get a little kickstand arm completely out of the way.

He's also getting very close to a first little toothy peeking out. You can see it just under the skin, ready to pop at any moment! He is also fascinated with his hands and can now grab onto toys (like the plastic key rings) and get them sorta-kinda close to his mouth (if his random flailing doesn't try to put out an eye first). He has also managed to grab a little foot on its way by and thinks those are pretty cool too. Unfortunately, he gets so excited by grabbing a foot that he starts panting and kicking and the foot escapes from him. At least the little hands are fascinating enough to keep him occupied until the little motor cortex catches up!

He is also a great little music fan. He loves to listen to singing...bath time favorites are Rubber Ducky and Little White Duck. Diaper changing favorites used to be Hey Good Lookin' (the original, not the horrid cheese commercial one) and Baby Face. Now we have switched to some made-up songs, that just tickle his little Y chromosome: Super Pooper and Pee Buckets. In a rare case of good timing, big brother Bug has just gotten really interested in singing songs on his own, so Beeb can be serenaded by mommy or big brother.


Namma said...

I chuckled my way through this whole post...I can just see Beebs doing all these wonderful new-to-him things...and then I remembef how much I want to actually see Beebs doing all these wonderful new-to-him things...

Marianne said...

who-weeee! time for the fun now! I love the rubber ducky song! in fact I like all your song choices and in particular the 'little dude songs', heh!