29 January 2008

More Secret Stole

Clue 2 is done. I really like the design so far and it has been kind of wild knitting something completely on faith. Especially since I am not known for following patterns to the letter. However, without any idea of what the finished stole is going to look like, the urge to think, "Hmmm, it would be easier/look better/suit me more if I did..." Of course, I didn't deviate (at least not on purpose) on the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl either. Maybe I am still just a little less adventurous when it comes to lace. Anyhoo, without further ado is clue two. [No, that little rhyme scheme was not on purpose. Yes, feel free to swat me upside the head if you are so inclined!]:

Well, actually, it is both clues one and two. If you care enough about the actual boundaries of clue two, clue one is here (down at the bottom of the post) for comparison. And, just for fun, a close up:

I have decided that I am perfectly content with my needle size selection. I went smallish, even though I knit pretty tightly, but I'm glad the plain stockinette isn't any looser. I really am liking the contrast between the solid fabric and the open work. The stockinette is dense enough that the yarn overs really pop!

I am finding out that this knit-along is bringing out a bit of my competitive streak. Even though it is not a race in any way (other than trying to have certain clues complete in a timely fashion to be eligible for prize drawings), I just want to go-go-go once I have the clue and I get annoyed when people start posting finished clues on the yahoo group before I have finished. I am just obsessive enough that I could probably be in the first wave of "finished the clue" posts, but certain realities intrude. First of all, the clues come out on Friday morning and we leave for lunch and the library shortly thereafter. Last week, I actually brought the stole with me and knit on it at McDonald's while the kids played on the play structure (Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I am certifiably insane. Thanks for asking!). Then, our regular routine goes out the window since Kitty Daddy is home for the weekend. Not that having Kitty Daddy home is a bad thing, but our it's enough to break our rhythm, so the kids are less likely to get absorbed in playing, leaving quality knitting time for Mama. So, moral of the story: Competing with myself and setting realistic goals...good. Trying to race against people that don't have my time constrainst...crazy, even by my standards.


Marianne said...

Oooh, Kittymommy, that is Beautiful! and seriously, I can NOT imagine knitting lace, in public, with children playing on some kind of play structure, I'd arse it up for sure! :^)

Hey, I'm impressed you're keeping up having three little ones to take care of! How DO you do that?!?

Namma said...

This "Secret Stole" pattern looks really lovely...and fun (exciting?) to do it as part of a group/competitive knit. I suppose the clues come out on Friday morning to accommodate knitters who work during the week?...whereas you would have an edge if they came out just after the weekend, right?

Lame joke from "The Edge":
Q: Where do Portland knitters live?
A: In the Purl.

RooKnits said...

saw your completed clue two on Ravelry and felt compelled to pop in and tell you how great I think it is. I've been trying to decide whether to start this or not. I think yours has answered my question. it's fabulous.