29 December 2007

Watch this space!

We've been bustling post-Christmas. I have been knitting like crazy and will have some progress photos and FO coming down the pipeline soon. But first we have to finish Christmasing with Kitty Daddy's family! So off to Iowa!

P.S. Didja see the jump in gas prices a couple of days ago? Yeah, that was us. It does that EVERY time we go somewhere. Sorry. We don't have anymore trips planned for a while. ;o)


Marianne said...

To all the Kitty Family, have all kinds of good and fun times in Iowa!
I've pretty much been staying in/at home so didn't notice the gas jump... although it's good to know who to blame :^)

Namma said...

Aha, we knew you were going, so we filled up just before this latest price bump! Actually, truth be told, Dad had put a gallon of gas in the car tank from the lawnmower can to be sure we could coast down the hill to our friendly Texaco station {;o]...so we caught the price at its low...this time. We figure anything below $3 is cheap gas these days...pretty pathetic...

I hope you have a great second Christmas in Iowa.

P.S. Isn't it amazing how fast the reverberations of your travel plans make it to the left coast (gas price jump)? Much faster than our storm systems make it to your part of country.

Hege said...

Happy new year!

The knights outfits are great!