16 February 2007

More painting fun

This first picture was rescued from the pile of masterpieces from our last painting day. I have no idea who painted it, or what the intention was, but it looks so much like bird that it just tickled me!

This one is a Bug work from our painting day this week. Obviously, it is a face, with two big eyes, a blue-green nose and a big red mouth. I got the commentary as it was being painted, so I know these things for sure. The one that is less obvious and that totally cracks me up is the red dot below the eye on the left and the red squiggle below the other eye: those are the ears. Hee-hee, isn't Bug a cutie???

This is Bean producing. Yes, she is wearing only the hoodie. She has been "helping" with Bug's potty learning, but that doesn't stop (or even slow down) art!

And, as usual, there is more paint on Bean than on the paper...

Thank goodness for washable paints, eh?

In knitting news, I am starting on Bean's second slipper. I should be finished with the slippers and ready to felt before long, since I am planning on picking it up once I get off the computer.


Ms. Knitingale said...

Ah yes, the hoodie sans pants...absolutely de rigeur for the serious artist. She's lovely, I gotta tell you. Absolutely lovely.

Namma said...

What an ecstatic painter...just look at that happy face! Miss Bean obviously has heard about using nude models (in this case, semi-nude) and is attempting to be not only the artist but also the model and the canvas???