20 February 2007

Finished Slippers

This weekend I finally got around to felting the kids' slippers. I am pleased with how they turned out, but was a little surprised that there seems to be more stitch definition remaining after felting that there was with Daddy's slippers. It could be the difference in wool (Daddy's were Wool of the Andes) or maybe I just was getting a little tighter gage so it didn't felt as smoothly. The kids like them, though they don't keep them on any better than shoes or socks. Oh well, if their little feet get cold, they know where to find the slippers!

By the way, the white crud on the slippers in from felting them in a load of diapers...I have been gradually picking it off, but I'm just to lazy to sit down and pick it all off at once.

Yarn: Cascade 220. I had saved the ball bands and was going to put the colors here, but, of course, I can't find them right now. If they turn up, I will edit this!
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, size 15
Pattern: Fiber Trends Children's Felt Clogs (CH-38x)
Verdict: Love the kid's pattern as much as the adult...maybe more because they knit up quicker (Let's hear it for instant gratification!). I am still convinced that felting is pretty close to magic. Taking something ridiculously big and floppy and turning it into something sturdy and the right size is just too much fun.


Namma said...

The slippers look great. I know what you mean about felting being close to magic...unfortunately, the only felting I have ever done was not on purpose. On one occasion, I felted one of GW's afghans, not knowing that it was made of wool rather than the acrylic yarn she almost always uses to make her afghans. {:o(

Ms. Knitingale said...

Oh, they look great! I'm dying to try felting for just that reason--it really does look like magic. But you know the white crud? See, you didn't have to cop to that. I was thinking it was artfully arranged snowflakes...