09 February 2007

Goin' Commando!

We have been working on potty learning at our house. We have been trying this off-and-on for quite a while, but it has moved to the forefront again now that Bug fights diaper changes tooth and nail, and this has led to a bit of a rashy situationl. Earlier in the week I told him that if he wouldn't cooperate with diaper changes, I wasn't going to put a diaper on him. I gave him the choice of underwear or bare butt and he has been alternating between the two, with some success. There have been some wet underpants, but there has also been some spontaneous (as in, without CONSTANT reminding from mom) peeing in the potty chair. Of course, Bean can NOT tolerate nakedness unless she is participating, so she has been trying out the potty too. She tends to be on the more accidents/few successes side of big brother, but she, too, has gotten some pee in the potty on occasion.

Anyway, on to today's adventures...we had our usual Friday library and lunch date and while we were there, Bean went into the ladies room (right next to the children's area) to check out the potty. While we were in there, she announced, "Poop." This has been her way of saying that she wants to remove her diaper (and all of her clothes) and sit on the potty. Well, since we will have to tackle public restrooms at some point, I decided I was game to try. Unfortunately, I missed the subtleties of tense in her statement. When we were removing the diaper, it became clear that she had been using the past tense, not the future. Oops. So I worked on getting her cleaned up while debating the possibilities. I didn't have any clean diapers with me since both kids are big enough to handle in car changes if necessary. I really couldn't leave her naked in the bathroom while I ran out to the car. I didn't want to put the filthy diaper back on her. I decided that the best I could do was put her jeans back on without a diaper and hustle everyone home. We had to get Bug disengaged from the trains and check out books, and the whole time I am thinking, "For the love of wool, please don't let her poop anymore, and if she does PLEASE don't let it come out the pants leg." Fortunately, Bean took it in stride and we made it out and home just fine!

Bug's turn came later. After he got up from his nap, I gave him the choice of undies or bare butt, but he was insisting on a diaper. I just let him keep protesting and finally he decided that he wanted pants without undies or diapies. So, we just put his jeans on to much giggling on his part. Must be that pesky Y-chromosome...


Namma said...

Uh oh...Bub and Bean might want to join the Paris Hilton/Brittany Spears party scene now that they've had the experience of goin' commando. Glad you made it home all right...certainly wouldn't want to leave a "trail of turds" to your house...LOL when I read "PLEASE don't let it come out the pants leg."

Namma said...

TYPO!!! Bug (not Bub)