17 February 2007


We went to see sheep being sheared at A-Z Farms in Oregon, WI this morning. While I am not fluent in sheep, I'm pretty sure most of them were saying, "Dude, it's too stinkin' cold to be taking our fleecies off!"

The kids both had a ball feeding hay to the nekkid sheep.

In the process, Bug bonded with the "blue sheep with a zero and a four" and named him Roly. I'm not sure what was so special about this particular sheep, but it was, without a doubt, true love and you just don't come between a boy and his sheep! So I made sure to get a special picture of Roly.

In addition to the shearing, they also had some smaller animal in pens, including two lamb (which we will be going back in March for lambing!)

rabbits, chickens,

pheasants, and turkeys.
The also had a (heated!!!) workroom in the back of the barn where they were demonstrating spinning and knitting. I watched a woman work a hand spindle for a while and concluded that I am not doing bad, it will just take a lot more practice to get more fluid and coordinated. They also had some interesting displays with locks from different breeds of sheep and some very soft pelts and various and assorted knit and sheep-related products for sale.

The verdict for all was a fun outing and we are looking forward to going back for lambing next month!

After the shearing, we made our required trip to Target and Bug is now the proud owner of two pair of Star Wars boxer-briefs and three pair of Star Wars briefs. OF COURSE, he had to change into a pair immediately when we got home and, despite all evidence to the contrary, insists that he is NOT a wookie-butt. You be the judge...


Namma said...

Maybe Roly is special because he is "4" like Bug (zero means nothing, right?).

Tell Bug that we're very proud of his earning the Star Wars briefs. They look great from whatever angle!