06 February 2007

Bug meets his match

Today, we were standing in line behind another mother and her two little boys. One looked to be about Bug's size and the other was a bit younger than Bean. Bug did his usual ├╝ber-social thing and went up and introduced himself and started chatting. While he usually does this to adults, who never quite know what to make of his conversations, in this case, he found another little dude that spoke his language. The conversation went something like this:

Bug: My name is [firstname] with crayons.
Other Little Dude: I got a new truck at home.
Bug: [Bean's firstname] calls me Geeky, 'cause she can't say [firstname]. What's that on your shirt?
O.L.D.: It's a pretend spider. My name is [name].
Bug: We had a spider at Grandma's house and I played too.
Both little guys were jumping from topic to topic having the greatest chat. And every couple of minutes, Bean would throw in her two cents worth, with great enthusiasm and little clarity. It was all I could do not to roll around on the floor laughing. Even the receptionist we were waiting in line for was trying to follow the conversation. I really wasn't sure we were going to get the two little guys pried apart when we were ready to go! Before today, I wouldn't have thought there was anyone who could go head-to-head with my little Mr. Non-Sequitur.


Mom said...

Ohmigosh...if this doesn't remind me of some of the conversations that I've heard among your grandma's friends while they're "visiting"...they're conversing, but they seem to be talking over each other's shoulders...the responses sometimes have no relation to what was said just previously...just kind of a stream of consciousness like these little guys were engaging in...LOL! (The term "second childhood" makes more sense all the time.)

Knittymama said...

I think if Bug and Little Man were ever in the same room they'd never stop talking....

Ms. Knitingale said...

It's sort of like having a conversation with my terribly brilliant scientist husband. Mind you, I don't think he's ever said anything quite as funny as "My name is Bug with crayons."