12 February 2007

Nearly Finished Object

I finished Bug's slippers today, except for felting. Since that means they are HUGE on him, that isn't a trivial "except." I am planning on knitting Bean's slippers before felting both pairs. So I have actually been doing a little knitting in odd moments, but not much to show for it. I have been swatching for Bean's sweater and leggings, but still haven't completely decided there. I have also been keeping on with my sock "purse project," and have just started shaping the toes. After that, a heel and weaving in ends and I will have a new pair of socks.

Even though the weather has been cold and snowy and perfect for knitting, I have been in a minor knitting funk. I think I just have too many irons in the fire at the moment and things will settle down and get back to normal soon!


Namma said...

The slippers, though big since they're not yet felted, look great! You can tell Bug that I actually saw his slippers on your blog...as opposed to "seeing" them when I talk to him on the phone ;o)

Ms. Knitingale said...

I'd love to try making felted slippers. I'm just terribly scared that I'd invest all that time in them only to find that they felted down to the wrong size! Sorry to hear that your knitting mojo has gone astray. Sometimes mine does that when something's bothering me about one or more of my current WIPs. I find ripping the offending party apart helps a great deal!