04 February 2007

Just Super!

Yesterday was our "big" Superbowl party. It was a wild rocking time with the four of us (the animals also came and went) and lots of snacky stuff. We had spinach dip, eight layer dip, sausage bites, and jello. And of course, lots of chips, veggies, pretzels, etc. for dipping.

* Aside for the Jello backstory *
Jello has become Bug's new favorite thing. A couple of weeks ago, we went out to eat and he got Jello as the side dish for his kids meal and was completely taken by it. It certainly wasn't the first time he had ever tasted it, but apparently the time was ripe and he was in the midst of a serious dietary Jello deficiency. So after much nagging, we got a few boxes last Thursday and have had it nearly daily since then.
Okay, back to the Superbowl party. While Mom was making the party treats yesterday morning, Bug had to check if I had remembered Jello. Well, I hadn't so I made up a batch right away, but it hadn't set yet when we set out the rest of the treats mid-afternoon. To keep Bug from having a complete conniption fit, I told him that the Jello was extra special and that we couldn't have any until kickoff. Anyway, after we had a little bit of party snacking, the kids were getting tired, so we decided to work toward a nap. Bug was up on my lap cuddling and acting sleepy and we had the following conversation:
Mom: You know what? I think we are all feeling kind of sleepy and we should go upstairs and have a rest before the game starts.
Bug: What game?
Mom: The football game.
Bug: What football game?
Mom: Ummm, the Superbowl football game?
Bug: What Superbowl football game? [ponders for a moment before the light goes on] Oh, the Superbowl football game with jello!
Mom: Yeah, that one.
Anyway, a nice time was had by all and we were happy the Colts won. We had trouble deciding who to root for since we had been cheering for the losing teams in both the AFC and NFC championships. In the end, we decided to go for Indianapolis, since they had this former Hawkeye starting in offense, this former Hawkeye starting in defense, and this South Dakota boy (by way of Yankton, Rapid City Central High, and SDSU...not to my folks, yes, I lied on the phone). Also, Coach Tony Dungy seems like such a good egg in the big ego sports world. He never raises his voice or swears. Besides, a good friend in grade school and Kitty Daddy were both huge Steelers fans when Dungy was doing good things there (late 70s), so why not?

I think Bean may have been cheering on the Bears, as she spent most of the game on the sofa with somewhere between three and six stuffed bears. She didn't seem too upset by the loss though. She also provided an alternate half-time show, complete with singing and dancing. She and Prince did quite the duet of "Purple Rain"!

This morning, Bug's first request was to have "leftover party" for lunch.


Ms. Knitingale said...

I rooted for the Colts, too, just because I think Tony Dungy's worked hard for it and been through a ton of stuff on the way. But I didn't have jello....and I'm kicking myself. How can you have a Superbowl if it's not a bowl of jello??

Mom said...

I'll have to tell Dad about your lie, 'cause I certainly supported the USD connection when we talked on the phone. I guess we both have "faulty memories," or in my case, precocious senility! Call me old-fashioned (and I am), but I, too, appreciate the fact that the Colts coach doesn't feel the need to raise his voice or use profanity with his players.

I suppose that the Super Bowl will have a new name now at your house: the Jello Bowl! Wish I could have seen Bean doing her half-time show...probably much more entertaining than Prince...