29 February 2008

FO and other fun

First, my finished alpaca handspun. It ended up being 161 grams (a bit more than 5.5 ounces) and 360 yards long. Since it is a two ply, that means the two singles totaled over 720 yards (I had to discard a bit of tangled mess at the end of plying...just 3-4 grams worth). Just FYI, that is 0.4 mile! No wonder it took a while to spin!

Second, my spinning update ('m not including washing and winding the finished product):

Spin My Spindle
22 Feb to 28 Feb 2008

Activity: Plying
Fiber: Alpaca
Spindle: Ashford
Amount: 107 grams

Now, I need to decide what is going on my Ashford spindle, as well as getting back to the viscose. I'm thinking Corriedale.

Third, clue 6 for Secret of the Stole II was a bit slower than usual. I didn't finish up until yesterday morning and now clue 7 is already out and printed, ready to knit.


Fourth, last week, I went to Last Saturday Knitting and met Mrs. SABLE and her delightful son, BaxterKnits, and one other person, whose name I promptly forgot. Aaargh! I am so horrible with names that remembering two out of three isn't bad, but I still feel bad when I forget them. Beeb came with me, as I realized at the last moment that I didn't have any milk to leave with Kitty Daddy. He can't remember the third person's name either. *ETA: Mystery solved...it was Linda! I was thinking it might have been an L-word, but those random inklings are just as likely to wrong as right!*

Fifth, the sweet Beeb has been babbling "Da-da-da" for a couple days now. Treacherous little traitor! Can we just pretend that when he was saying "Gleh-gleh-gleh," he meant it in the sense of "Ma-ma-ma"? ;o)


Marianne said...

Wow.... seriously. That alpaca yarn that YOU MADE?!?!? It's absolutely beautiful!!!!!! (she exclaims as she bows on her knees) mercy. Be Proud!

Gorgeous on the stole also!

That Beebs... that just had me giggling.

YarnThrower said...

Rats -- I wish I would have remembered about Last Saturday Knitting! I was there last month, but this month the time got away from me (I blame Leap Day) and I spaced it. Your yarn is lovely!

MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous alpaca!!!! It looks almost lace weight! Sorry I missed Sat. knitting. Was sick last weekend. Was the other person Linda?

Linda L. said...

Yep, it was me.

It was great to meet you, too. Did you ever find out the brand of sock yarn you were using? I was coveting it quite a bit (says the woman with the nearly-overflowing tote of sock yarn...).

Namma said...

The yarn looks so yummy soft...and almost half a mile...that really puts your spinning effort into a perspective of some sort...doesn't it?

The name forgetfulness thing, I'm sorry to tell you, is most likely genetic. I hardly ever forget a face, but try as I might, the names sometimes just will not surface. (And one other thing that I'm sorry to tell you...it gets worse with age [sob].)

Cindy G said...

That alpaca is just lovely! Has it told you yet what it wants to be? (Of course, if it were mine, it might just want to sit in a skein and watch me purr while I petted it.)