03 February 2008

Keep on keepin' on

Spin My Spindle
25 Jan to 31 Jan 2008

Activity: SpinningSpinning
Fiber: Alpaca Viscose
Spindle: Ashford Turkish
Amount: 7 grams
4 grams

About the same as last week! Let's hear it for consistency. w00t! The viscose still goes very slow. It has a pretty short staple length and doesn't draft easily (kind of sticky feeling), so a couple of grams is a pretty big accomplishment. Fortunately, there is only an ounce, so it only takes 3 grams to make 10% of the total. I'm currently 1/3 of the way through. The alpaca is going much quicker. It is lovely and soft and has nice long fibers, so I can draft much more quickly. However, because it is smooth and I am trying for a finer yarn, it needs a lot of twist compared to other fibers.

Bleh...I actually got this started on Friday, got this far on Saturday, planned to keep going with some knitting updates, got sidetracked (HA! Imagine that!), and never came back. So I'll skip the knitting update for now and just post the stinkin' thing.


Knittymama said...

Interesting comparison between the two fibers. I've yet to spin with either.

Marianne said...

Hey, I'm totally impressed, I can't even manage a stinkin' post right now :^)

Namma said...

Besides their fleece being lovely and soft, alpacas are also pretty cute. On the other hand, I'm not sure that vicoses are much to look at <[;o)

MollyBeees said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog! I've been trying to remember to add your blog to the roll call and keep forgetting. You're there now! I've been spinning too. I started with beautiful pastel merino. The singles were stunning but the two ply is bleck! Can't wait to get it off the spools!
It was good to see you Friday night!