14 February 2008

Cuz we all know the best way to get malingering projects off the WIP list...

is to work on completely unrelated items, right???


Okay, it isn't quite as impressive as it looks. I started this sweater for Bean in 2005 and made a matching green one for Bug. I finished Bug's sweater, but not easily. I had to reknit both sleeves as they were VERY short and finishing has never been my favorite activity, so by the time I finished the green sweater, I was so sick of the project that I couldn't face the pieces of this one. Eventually, the pieces wound up stuffed in with about twelve mile of leftover heather green and dusty rose wool-ease and I ran across them not long ago while organizing my stash, taking pictures of yarn, and updating my Ravelry stash. Coincidentally, Beeb is almost big enough to fit the sweater pieces, so, in my deep commitment to trying to get WIPs finished up, I found something totally different to work on. I got a FO...it just didn't help the WIP list!

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease
Needles: Denise Interchangeables and some random straights for ribbing
Pattern: Bo from Rowan Babies by Kim Hargreaves
Verdict: Glad it's done, even if it is long after it was supposed to be. The color? Beeb is secure enough in his masculinity to consider himself suave and handsome in dusty rose.


And one more pic for the winning smile:


The sweater was well timed, as poor little Beeb has a snuffy nose and is trying to break through two new teeth at the same time. There is a general clinginess going on, and I suspect that a cozy sweater feels kind of good.

And, in my continuing commitment to clearing out some of the current WIPs, I have been cranking out finger puppets. If you are in Ravelry, you can have a sneak peek on my projects page...otherwise, I'll be posting about them before long.


Marianne said...

Mercy, that Beebs is so CUTE! hey, my dad wore pastel dress shirts and he looked mighty fine in pink also! :^)

ahem.... what about Bean's sweater?

(the little sweater is fabulous btw!)

Alison said...

He looks happy enough with the dusty rose! It looks more purple in those bottom pics, on my pc anyway.

Namma said...

OMG, I just want to pluck him off the screen and hug him...Mr. Suave is such a living doll!

YarnThrower said...

You're right! Definitely a winning smile, and the sweater looks great!

Hege said...

So cute - both of them ;)