02 March 2008

Yep, this winter has apparently gotten to me

Yesterday, I went to Woodland Studios to spend a Valentine's Day gift certificate from Kitty Daddy and the crew, while the crew waited for me at the local library a couple of blocks over. Last time I was there I debated long and hard over the Colinette Jitterbug, but wound up deciding on Kitty Man socks and a couple of big ol' skeins of Trekking. So, after cuddling and petting my way around the yarn selection, I was drawn once again to the Jitterbug. There were at least a half a dozen gorgeous colorways that I had admired back in August, but yesterday, I was drawn to a colorway that I would normally find pretty obnoxious (as in beautiful colors, but nothing I would ever imagine on my feet). However, I could not tear myself away. I'm not sure the photo is nearly as garish as the real thing:

but I couldn't put it down. I cast on for it last night. I also partially blame MollyBeees for imprinting my brain with gorgeous, vibrant sock yarn. Hers wasn wasn't neon though.

There are signs of spring here...balmy weather in the 30s (and actually up to the 40s today!!!!), sun that provides both light and heat (not just light), running water from thawing snow. Yes, the snow drifts are still huge, but it feels pretty darn springy to me! Of course, then I talk to my parents in the Pacific Northwest, where it is in the 60s and mom is out working on her garden. See why I need the neon?


Namma said...

Methinks you're definitely dreaming about tropical isles where the sun, sand, and water are nice and warm, or rather, HOT...like the colors in your Jitterbug yarn!

...but then, aren't we all?

MollyBeees said...

OoooEeee! I think I scorched my retinas! You win in the bright yarn department! It's gorgeous! I've got some blue Jitterbug to knit up! Lemme know what you think if it!

Cindy G said...

I love it. I'm so ready for bright colors after all the winter greys and brown. That makes me think of screaming neon daffodils.