18 February 2008

FO: Old MacDonald Had A Fingerpuppet


Yarn: Odds and Ends from box of yarn received from one of Kitty Daddy's coworkers
Needles: KnitPicks Options, US 4
Pattern: Barnyard Finger Puppets
Mods: I did the farmer, the horse, the pig, and the duck from the pattern, but did the rooster on my own. Also, I made all of them in the round instead of knitted flat and then seamed.
Verdict: They turned out very cute! I have a (very enthusiastic) request for a cow (in the original pattern) and a cat and a dog (improvised). We'll see. Maybe if I get a few things off my WIP list. Also, the farmer needs ears and hair. He may stay deaf and bald. Again, we'll see.

I also knit another pig (details to follow if I get around to posting about knit night) and another duck that disappeared before I could take a picture.


Namma said...

A very cute way to keep those little fingers busy...and those of your children, too! ;o)

Marianne said...

Those are SO cute!!!

They should go a ways with that cabin fever with the little ones, yes?

Karen Aune Arts said...

Those are wonderful!

denise said...

Those are SO cute!

I bought some knitted finger puppets for G's valentine bag (raccoon, toucan, alligator, monkey, parrot)...would love to be able to make them. I'm workin' on it! :)