06 February 2008

Year of the Rat

Note: I started this on Wednesday, but just got back to post today!

Happy Chinese New Year! The kids helped me make panfried pork dumplings and I made fried rice, so we had a small Chinese banquet!

Wishing you...

(Good Luck)




...in the year of the Rat!

Since I'm late posting this, I'll go ahead and tuck in my spinning update, too.

Spin My Spindle
1 Feb to 7 Feb 2008

Activity: SpinningSpinning
Fiber: Alpaca Viscose
Spindle: Ashford Turkish
Amount: 28 grams
3 grams

I made tracks with the alpaca this week! Viscose still going slow. And a couple of pictures of what's on the spindle (click to embiggen). First, alpaca:

and Viscose:


knottykitty said...

Mmmmmmm alpaca! Very pretty! And Happy Year of the Rat to you, too! I want to live near you---you are always so festive!! :)

Marianne said...

Oh sure, check out the spinnin' Kittymommy! It's looking good!

Namma said...

The results of your spun fiber look great...especially when you "embiggen" them. ;o)

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat (I'm running it all together) to you, too. Glad to hear you celebrated with a Chinese menu. We'll be lazy and go to Sunny Hans.

denise said...

Nice. We have been planning to start spinning some alpaca. Lovely!~