26 December 2007

Post-Christmas Lazies

We had a lovely Christmas and Kitty Daddy is back at work today. The kids and I are enjoying a lazy day. They are playing with Christmas presents and I'm easing back into the day. We had planned to have our traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, but I somehow managed to lose Grandma O's Swedish Meatball recipe somewhere between making the shopping list on Saturday and preparing to make meatballs on Monday. Since I couldn't get ahold of my parents in time to make Christmas Eve dinner, we had Christmas Day dinner instead. Our dinner was Swedish meatballs (k├Âttbulle), mashed potatoes, veggies and lefse. Growing up we also had korv (Grandma's homemade sausage), fruit soup, and rice pudding, but I haven't gotten motivated enough to try any of these. Besides, I don't expect fruit soup to be on the menu any time soon. I'm not a huge fan of dried fruit (though I do make Grandma's Christmas Bread with dried fruit in it once in a while) and I'm pretty sure raisins are evil.

Bug and Bean added to their Lego and MegaBlok collections, respectively and are both having a great time playing. Our Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa was the portable DVD player for the car we got last May for our road trip. They also sent videos for all of us and we are watching Bug's movie right now (The Incredibles) and Bean's new Dora movie is queued up next. Kitty Daddy got me a gift certificate to the Sow's Ear, so I may have to force myself to go look at some yummy yarns and see what comes home with me!

We will be doing Christmas again next weekend with Kitty Daddy's family in Iowa. We are looking forward to seeing his mom and sisters (and their families). We might even get a chance to see his brother and his family, but we're not sure our visit will overlap with his visit.


Namma said...

Your Christmas Day dinner was nearly a replica of our Christmas Eve dinner. We did have fruit soup, but not the korv or rice pudding...didn't get around to making korv this year. We did, however, have lingonberries, courtesy to IKEA. Maybe we should have gotten the Swedish meatballs there, too! ;o) And yes, you really do have to like raisins to enjoy fruit soup...

We had a nice Christms, too. The only thing missing was one family—YOURS!!

Cindy G said...

Oh man, that dinner sound wonderful! Love meatballs and mashed potatoes. (Like Julekakke, too, but with dried candied fruits, not so much raisins.)