12 December 2007

Spinning FO

Spinning has been slow for a while. I didn't spin much at all over the summer, since I didn't like the feeling of getting fibers stuck to sweat. But since fall started I have been doing a little spinning. This skein is about an ounce of Merino-Rayon blend and I managed to get a nice, thin (mostly consistent) single. I haven't measured WPI, but it made about 84 yards of two ply. I got the roving from Susan's Fiber Shop a while back and used my Turkish spindle to spin and ply. I'm not sure what this will become, so stay tuned. ;o)

I have also been working a little on the big bag o' alpaca on my Ashford spindle. I have spun about 1¾ ounce from the six ounces of fluff. The alpaca is wonderfully soft (and has to be cuddled by Bean every time I bring it out), but it doesn't draft as nicely as the Merino/Rayon I just finished.


Namma said...

Your yarn looks just like something you'd buy off the shelf...good spinning job!