20 December 2007

'Twas the week before Christmas...

and the crazies are heating up! I am getting close on my knitting though. Unfortunately, the three skeins of Glitterspun I bought weren't enough. I only have about a third of the second helmet half to go. Daddy is going to a work Christmas party, so the kids and I are going to use our Noodles buy-one-get-one. Both kids with teeth are just nuts about their Mac and Cheese. I think I will have to dig out another 40% off coupon and pick up another skein when we go for dinner. Then I still need to scrounge another coupon and get a skein of faux suede for the sash and finishing on the way to Friday Night Knit where I will frantically do the finishing away from prying eyes.

On Tuesday we went to a wonderful caroling party at a friend's house. We met so many lovely folks and the kids had a blast mixing and mingling. My friend supplied a "My First Christmas" Santa hat for Beeb (pictures will be coming) and he had as much fun socializing as the big kids. Although we have had our decorations up for a while, the party really felt like the holiday kick-off, now that we have gotten past Bug's birthday. With a mid-December birthday, it is hard to balance getting everything done without having Bug feel like his birthday is just a snuck-in side event.

Since then, we have been in Christmas cookie mode. The kids helped me make bark candy yesterday and I made candy cane cookies after the kids went to bed last night. Today, we are working on peanut butter kiss cookies and will probably do Spritz cookies after supper. Since I am hiding the cookies from the heathen hordes spiriting the cookies away for gifting and Christmas, picture will have to wait until I am packaging them up. I never get as many peanut butter kiss cookies out of a batch as other people. I think it has something to do with the fact that I would be delighted to just eat the whole batch of dough without even turning on the oven. Mmmmm...any cookie dough is good, but I think the peanut butter kiss dough is my favorite.


Namma said...

Any time you make Christmas gifts, you're bound to feel the stress...that is, unless you have the gifts done months in advance. However, if you did that, it certainly wouldn't be from a gene you inherited from me! And, of course, it's even more difficult to make a homemade gift when you have to keep it a secret, so good luck with finishing Bug's knitted gift.

Now the cookie-craving gene (aka "sweet tooth") is definitely an inherited gene; however, I'm getting better at not tasting all the time since I would end up with nothing to give away...and that's the sole purpose of my Christmas baking frenzy.