14 December 2007

My marbles, it appears, are intact!

Yesterday, the kids were watching a video where a group of friends was playing marbles and when I came home from running a couple of errands last evening, Bean accosted me as I came in the door and kept asking me where the marbles were. I sat down on a dining room chair, looked her in the eye, and said, "Baby girl, mama has completely lost her marbles." (It has, in fact, been that kind of week). Bean then insists that my marbles are upstairs. I chuckled, but Bean kept insisting and grabbed me by the hand and practically dragged me up the stairs. She leads me into the bedroom, opens the center drawer in my vanity and hands me a cat's eye marble out of the drawer. Who woulda thunk it?


Namma said...

I guess you could say that your children sometimes make you lose your marbles...and at other times, help you find them! ;o) This also provides another proof that your little one's powers of observation are very keen, indeed.