25 December 2007

FO: Brave Knight

I finished it in time for Christmas, and now that we have opened presents, I have pictures of it being modeled and it isn't a secret anymore!

Yarn: Lion Brand Glitterspun (Silver), Lion Brand Lion Suede (Ebony)
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, size 10½ and 11
Pattern: Knight Rider from New Knits on the Block
Modifications: Obviously subbed yarn since the "right" yarn is long discontinued. I also made modification for the helmet. The pattern seems to be wonky with shaping on both even and odd rows and ended up a really weird shape. This is what I did that seems to work:

Rows 1-36: As written
Row 37: Insert knit row
Row 38: Row 37 from pattern
Rows 38-66: As written
Row 67: Knit
Rows 68 to end: For row n, knit following directions for row n-1. For example, row 68 follows row 67 directions, row 69 follows row 68 directions, etc.
Basically, the only changes are shifting some rows around by one to get all the shaping on even rows and to make the finished piece look like the schematic.
Verdict: Overall a fun knit (except for the helmet weirdness). I wish the glitterspun came in a dark gray glitter instead of the bright silver. Also, if I were to knit it again, I would probably switch the suede-y yarn to a something leather colored (brown). I wish that I could have knit it in the round, but the body is based on garter stitch so flat knitting was much easier. I also think if I did it again, I would do the helmet in one piece something like this: Cast on 41 stitches, pm cast on 41 stitches, K 13 rows, then starting with row 14, knit row 14 to marker, knit row 13 to end, knit row 14 to marker, knit row 15 to end, knit row 16 to marker, knit row 15 to end, knit row 16 to marker, knit row 17 to end, and so forth. Then at the end use a three-needle bind off to bind off stitches at top.


Marianne said...

...ahem... did you knit two of those? and if you didn't (which I'm thinking you didn't) ... will you need to make another one? Sure looks good on both the kids!

Wishing the best of holidays to you and all the Kittys!

Namma said...

It appears, judging from the big grin on Sir Lancelot, that the "Brave Knight" chain mail armor was a big hit! And yes, Guinevere probably needs her own set of armor, unless she would just as soon have a tall pointy hat with a filmy scarf coming from the top ;o)

Hope your Christmas was very merry! Now there's an adjective that was popular in the "days of knights," but currently seems to be used only in connection with Christmas.

Namma said...

P.S. Tell Bean that the nail polish on her toes and fingers is very cool!

MollyBeees said...

OMG! It came out so good! I've been out of touch for a while and am catching up! Great job! Hope your holidays were great. With those cuties around, how could it NOT be!