01 December 2008

FO: Longies for the Beeb

I finished Beeb's Peace Fleece longies! I made them with some room to grow by stopping the stockinette about 1" shy of his inseam length and then put 3" of ribbing for the cuff. The cuff folds up and fits beautifully right now and when his legs get longer he can just have a longer cuff at the bottom!



Not that this little dude needs to be any cuter, but can I say that there is nothing cuter than a wooly baby butt with the skinny little legs sticking out! Actually, the cute little legs are plump and chubbly, but compared to a diaper butt, just about anything looks skinny. Especially with night-night diaper layers on!


Full details on Ravelry!

I have also been cranking away on winter wear for all the kids. One Bean mitten down (except for weaving in ends):


One almost Bug mitten (except for the thumb and weaving in ends):


And next will be one Beeb mitten with the leftover yarn from the longies. Then I can go repeat the sequence, for variety's sake.


Elizabeth said...

He's too darn cute for his own good, I tell you!

Charity said...

Those longies are sweet! :0)

Namma said...

Love the longies...but love even more the little boy wearing them! Neat idea to make the fold-up cuff, 'cause, heaven knows, these babies grow out of things in the blink of any eye. By utilizing the cuff, the longies won't turn into capri pants in only a month or two.;o) (Not that any of us would mind being in Capri in a month or two...[sigh])

Hege said...

He's so cute and the longies are great.

Cindy G said...


MollyBeees said...

Squeal! He is too cute. He looks like such a 'big boy' with his new do in that top picture. I just want to squish and smooch him! Cool mittens! See you Friday? I proise I'll try to behave...

dale-harriet said...

NO! Absolutely NOT! No way, no how, out of the question. There is nothing, nothing whatsoever, *cuter* than the Beeb. I mean, DaVinci's cherubs, Michaelangelo's infants...very cute. Beeb-cute? Nawww. And the pants? Well,gilding the lilly - but it's awfully nice, a gilded lilly.

YarnThrower said...

Love love love the longies! So adorable!