05 December 2008

Shopping Lists II

The punch line to yesterday's post? I finally finished muddling through the list, left it laying on the kitchen counter so no little hands could reach it, planning to head out first thing this morning to the store (you know, before everyone starts getting tired and cranky).

This morning? Not there. Not in the recycling (either in the kitchen or in the garage). Not in any of the indoor trash cans. Not in any of the assorted piles of kid art.

My only other guess is in the big trash can in the garage that goes to the curb. However, Kitty Daddy collects from all the trash cans into the kitchen trash bag, then empties the kitty litter on top before tying the bag and putting it in the garage. *sigh*

The ONLY upside is that tonight is Late Night Knitting. I wonder if the Sow's Ear realizes they will need a fairly brawny bouncer to peel me off my chair and stuff my in the car when they are ready to close...


Cindy G said...

Oh nooooooo! Hope the Late Night is super restorative.

Namma said...

Maybe you should start typing your lists on your computer and then printing them out when they are to be used? At least at our house, we rarely lose or misplace or discard our computers, but most everything else (including shopping lists) seems to perform disappearing acts on a semi-regular basis...very frustrating...ARGHH!

YarnThrower said...

Charlie Brown said it best: