27 November 2008

We are Thankful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we will be surrounded by our handprint turkeys telling what we are thankful for.

Beeb (I made my best guess for what he's thankful for):


Bug (one turkey says "turkeys," the other says "parents"...I spelled, he wrote)

And mine:

I hope everyone who is celebrating today has a happy Thanksgiving and much to be thankful for!


Namma said...

Yes, indeed, we truly do have much to be thankful for...and it's good to really think about our many blessings for one day, at least. We send our love and wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We would love to be able to celebrate the day with all of you.

MollyBeees said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your whole gang! My handprint turkey would have 'great friends like you' written in it!

dale-harriet said...

Yep, I second MollyBeees; I'm grateful for friends who have adorable children I can love in pictures and person and NEVER have to deal with diapers or tantrums ner nuthin'! (I'm looking forward to another Museum visit, btw, hint-y, hint-y hint).

(the verification words have all been so cool lately: mine is "andat", as in "I'll have two o' dose, t'ree o' dose....andat")