12 December 2008

Winter Fun

We had a marvelous day of sledding with our friend K yesterday. Well, up until the last 15 minutes anyway. We went to a nearby state park with a real sledding hill. We had our little plastic saucer and our friend brought a real toboggan (kind of like this) and a Norwegian kick sled. I tied Beeb onto the kick sled and we made laps around the parking lot. It had just enough of an incline that it was possible to kick and cruise the whole length without picking up too much speed. Bug was a maniac on the saucer, while K and Bean rode the toboggan together. As the sun started to set, K offered to trade with me for a couple of runs. You know that little voice in the back of your head that says, "Not a good idea"? Yeah, I ignored it.

Bean and I did one run down and all went well, so I let myself be talked into a second run, even though the little voice became more insistent after discovering that I really didn't have much control over the whole ride. The second run, I was congratulating myself on steering us away from the trees on the edge so we going smack down the middle when I discovered Bug standing in front of us with his sled. We pretty much plowed him down. I would have had a tiny bit more sympathy for him if he hadn't been looking straight at us and laughing about it (right up to the bowled over part). No major injuries at least. Bug was a basket case the whole way home, but I'm pretty sure it was more about cold and wet and a less than ideal ending (I vividly remember doing the same thing on a ski trip when I wasn't much older than him...I cried the whole way down the last run of the day, I was so miserable. Wet and cold and less than ideal conditions...icy snow on the ground and kind of snowing/sleeting so it was hard to see). We all survived though!

And a couple of pictures to share...here is a picture from a week or two ago, just to prove that Bug romps in the snow, too.

This is Bean's bunny that she dressed up in Cabbage Patch Kid clothes:

I thought the bun looked rather Renaissance-ish (am I even close? I am terrible with history eras) and it make me chuckle.

Finally, here's how Beeb puts himself down for a nap. We had been laying down together so he could have nummies and hopefully doze off. Nothin' doin' Mama! So I got up for a minute to deal with the big kids and he reached for the book I had been reading. As I left the room, he was propped up against the pillows reading. When I went back in a few minutes late, this was the scene:

So, I guess I should just toss him on the bed with a book when he is looking nappish...

I have been knitting a lot too, just cranking away on the million mittens and one stealth project, so not much to see here...


MollyBeees said...

I remember sledding down a hill on a toboggan behind my brother one time. We hit a frozen snowman and it hurt my little bro so I got mad and kicked the crap out of it! Beeb is TOO TOO TOO cute. I love how he just crashes wherever he is!

Namma said...

Man, that book was reeeeally not a page-turner! Your littlest dude seems able to sleep at the drop of his little head (wherever it happens to drop).

Just wondering...was that last miserable ski run of yours at Vail? If I remember right, you had had a fairly nasty wipeout, in addition to the wet, cold weather conditions.

It sounds, though, like the majority of your sledding outing was lots of fun!