15 December 2008

Holiday Cheer

As we have been gearing up for the holiday season, Bean suddenly announced her desire to celebrate "Honkah" this year. Finding a book about Hanukkah at the library seemed the logical first step. So we found one (this one...and it was a good choice!) and read it at bedtime. Then, a couple of days later, I get an email illustrating this project and the wheels start turning. Godless Heathen™ though I may be, I know a Learning Opportunity when it looks me in the face. A quick consult to the calendar (Honkah doesn't begin until next Monday) and a trip to JoAnn's later, we are now equipped with this:

A flameless menorah! So we can light the candles every night of Hanukkah and learn a bit about Jewish culture and religion. We will learn how to play dreidel, try some traditionally Jewish foods (matzoh ball soup, latkes, challah bread), and who knows what else.

Bonus Beeb picture:

Trying on Mom's hat and gloves.

A quick note about being a Godless Heathen™: My natural irreverence may or may not imply anything about my private spiritual beliefs as they are just that: private. However, I admit no great fondness for organized religion by and large, while at the same time intend no disrespect to anyone else's beliefs, practices, or affiliations.


Namma said...

What a great "Honkah" menorah...and no worries about a fire hazard when "lighting the candles."

Love the Beeb bonus picture. Both my kids did such a good job in the "cutest grandchildren" area. He looks so pleased with himself...that's what's so great about little ones...everything is a wonderful adventure.

Linda L. said...

I've seen the foil-covered chocolate coins at Cost Plus World Market. There's one in Middleton next to Michael's Arts & Crafts in Greenway Station.

Happy Honkah to Bean and the Bunch!

MollyBeees said...

You little diplomat you! LOL Love the Honkah menorah! What a great lesson for the kids! Happy Honkar!

Cindy G said...

I likes me some Heathens of all varieties (including the Godless one's). Of course, I also likes me a lot of traditionally religious folks of all different stripes (except maybe some I won't mention here in the spirit of the season).

So Happy Honka, Merry Solstice, Joyful Yule and all the rest.

As Pogo Possum would say,
"Deck us All in Boston Charlie - Boola, Boola, Pesacola, Hullaballo".

Or in other words, have a fun and festive Holiday Season.

Elizabeth said...

Great post! Love your menorah.

Marianne said...

Love the 'Honkah'. Beebs looks pretty fetching in your hat and gloves :^)

I'm with you, 100%, re: your last paragraph. 100%.
I just don't care for folks trying to cram it (their beliefs) in me, all I would dare ask is they show some respect, as I show them, and NOT talk about it.
word verification: impledup... snort.