23 December 2008

Second Day of Honkah

Last evening we lit two Hanukkah candles and spent a little time exploring Hanukkah music. I really should have save the Erran Baron Cohen album for today's post, but that would have implied some sort of planning rather than my more typical fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. We did find a satellite radio station that is playing all Hanukkah music (and other Judaica) for the eight days of the celebration, so we listened during dinner and have it on again this morning.

We have been reading Pearl's Eight Days of Chanukah by Jane Breskin Zalben, which has a story (and activity...no, we aren't that organized) for each night. It has two Hanukkah songs with piano scores (for night four, so NO, we aren't even close to that organized!), so I played them on the piano and we tried singing "Ma'oz Tzur (Rock of Ages)" and "I Have a Little Dreidel." The dreidel song was much more successful and Bug and Bean each took a turn singing it solo and playing their own accompaniment (random notes) on the piano.


Namma said...

Sometimes the "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" activities turn out more successful than carefully planned ones. As long as you and your family are enjoying and learning from the new experiences, they're a success. Happy Honkah!