13 October 2006

WIP Friday

One new project on the needles...

I had been scanning some knitting blogs and Bug saw a pumpkin hat and booties that the blogger had made and decided that he absolutely, without a doubt needed a pumpkin hat. Since we are already quite clear that Halloween is his favorite holiday, I figured that at least he might be likely to wear a pumpkin hat (like obsessively, forever). So yesterday we made a trip to Hobby Lobby to find some cheap yarn so I could start right away. Bug immediately bonded with a shade of orange from a camoflage line (basically hunter safety orange). I showed him a couple more pumpkiny shades, but his mind was made up! As it turns out, as I get into the hat, I really like this color for a pumpkin! I guess I need to appoint Bug my color consultant when I go yarn shopping. I would also like to make some little stuffed pumpkins as decoration, unless I am completely sick of knitting with acrylic by the time I finish this.

The candle flame lace continues on. I am about two rows from being finished with the second time around of the 36 row repeat. The sock continues. I am getting pretty close to being ready for the heel and I have decided that I am going to do a peasant heel instead of the short rows I had planned to see if that works better with self-striping yarn. The scarflet is moving ahead and the ball of yarn is getting noticably smaller. And we're not going to talk about the bloomers. I still haven't found or bought elastic.


Mom said...

It might be that your little pumpkin girl might need a pumpkin hat, too, once she sees your little pumpkin boy wearing his...isn't that right, punkin?