12 October 2006

Creative dishwashing

Yesterday, Bean decided that she didn't need a nap. Whereas Bug gets increasingly cranky as time passes after missing a nap, Bean stays her chipper self until she completely melts down and crashes. So while I did my usual nap chores and puttered around, Bean was delighted to entertain herself. After a while, things were sounding a *bit* too quiet so I went to investigate. When I walked into the kitchen, she was bent over with her head in the sink. Of course, since I am a mom, I had to ask the obvious, "What are you doing?!?" She stands upright and announces, "Hair" (actually, the r sounds more like a "w"). I replied, "Yes, I see your hair," to which she proudly responded, "Wet!"

Since I am (occasionally) a wise mama, I know a losing battle when I see one, so I just let her keep playing in the sink. Later, after Bug got up and she was back playing in the sink again, she came out to the living room sopping wet. I said, "Oh my, what a soggy girl!" She answered, "No, wet!" So I backed up and amended, "What a wet girl!" Her reply (with a can-you-believe-how-slow-this-lady-is look on her face) was "No, wet hair." Duh, mom!


Grandma K said...

Apparently, the totally soggy, or "wet," girl just happened to be a byproduct of the primary objective, that of wetting down her hair, which was a pretty big accomplishment