12 October 2006

Ghostly cupcakes

When we got the fixings for Halloween cookies a couple of weeks ago, we also got a box of cake mix, a can of frosting, and ghost shaped aluminum cupcake cups. We managed to save the cupcakes for a while. Bug and I mixed up the cupcakes and I filled the cups and baked them on Tuesday evening. Then, on Wednesday morning, the three of us worked on decorating them:

Bug's approach was on the process-oriented end. He spread frosting, sprinkled sprinkles, and then ate the top off the cupcake and started over again. I think he spent the whole time on one or two cupcakes!

Bean was definitely more product oriented. She was very dedicated to spreading frosting and sprinkling sprinkles and then requesting a new cupcake.

Here are two of Bean's finished products. She did a total of four or five before she decided that she would rather spread the sprinkles all over the dining room.

And the final view of a piece of the mess. Actually, all things considered, it wasn't too bad. Kind of sticky, but definitely worth it!


Grandma K said...

The ghostie cupcakes look like a fun (and yummy) pre-Halloween project...no matter how you go about frosting and decorating them. Interesting, though, to see the two different approaches of the littles...