10 October 2006

I have angered the Kitchen Gods

Okay, silly me, I thought I could try and get organized and make getting dinner ready less traumatic. I sat down Saturday morning and made a list of meals including both entree and sides, with a separate column for what needed to be done ahead of time (e.g., defrost meat night before). From this I made my grocery list and the kids and I went and got groceries. Saturday night supper went without a snag and I made the mistake of feeling proud of my industriousness. Well...they do say "Pride goeth before the fall"

Sunday: Chili and corn bread. Right there on my list: "put beans to soak night before." Found that one Sunday morning, so I ended up doing a quick soak instead, no harm, no foul. Fine, put chili together and the first instruction is to brown hamburger with green pepper, onion, jalapenos and garlic. The hamburger is just about brown and I think to myself, "Hmm, I wonder why those jalapenos and garlic are sitting on the counter." I had put the first three ingredients in and totally spaced the last two off. Fine, better late than never. I continue on with the chili and get far enough along to start the corn muffins. Dump the mix in a bowl, look at the instructions, swear creatively when I discover I have no eggs. Put mix in a sealed bowl with the instructions and put the darn stuff back on the pantry shelf. Forget the stupid muffins.

Monday: Chicken and Rice. I assemble the ingredients and start combining. I discovered that I had gotten Split Pea soup instead of Cream of Mushroom. How the heck does that happen? I had the right thing on the list. I have made chicken and rice many times, so I knew what I needed even without the list. I had absolutely no intention of getting anything resembling Split Pea soup. Yet after standing in the grocery aisle, searching for cream of mushroom, putting it in my cart, checking out, taking groceries home, and putting them away, here was a can of Split Pea. I even tore the pantry apart thinking maybe one of the kids liberated a can of Split Pea and the mushroom was just hiding behind. No way! Fine, I just made the dang chicken and rice using what I had. Tasted kind of weird and looked funny with peas and carrots in the rice, but...

All-in-all, no complete disasters, just the Kitchen Gods mocking me for thinking I could possibly get organized.


Mom said...

You know what?...once in a while this is how new recipes get created. The cook doesn't have a particular ingredient on hand, so he/she has to substitute...doesn't always work out, but once in a while...

Hang in there...I don't think you've angered the Kitchen Gods; they might have just gone out for dinner themselves.