06 October 2006

WIP Friday

My candle flame lace is continuing on nicely. I have finished one repeat and am about a third of the way through the second. I pinned it on a corkboard to show off the lace pattern. Except for a couple of details, I am really enjoying my first "real" lace. The details I'm not enjoying so much are (1) the rows take a certain amount of concentration, which is sometimes difficult with little ones underfoot and (2) I am using a pdf of the pattern on my lap top because I don't have our office space organized enough to have the printer hooked up to print it out, so I'm not terribly mobile with my lace.

This is my new purse sock in progress. With the gorgeous weather, we can go to the park and mama can get knitting done (unless the wee urchins want to swing), so it is moving along. The first two repeats of the yarn pattern are k1p1 ribbing and from there I switched to k3p1 ribbing. My plan is to try Japanese short rows for the heel, first switching to rib on the instep and stockinette on the sole. Also, I'll note it here so I don't have to count before casting on the next sock: 84 stitches.

In other WIP news, the scarflet looks a lot like it did last week. There has been progress, but it doesn't look much difference. I had to rewind the yarn ball yesterday and counted five repeats of the colorway left. I have done a few more rows since then, so it may leave the UFO column before too long.

I also got the crotch of the bloomers kitchenered, but I still need to put elastic in the waist. I bought some elastic before we moved, but it hasn't surfaced yet. I'll have to decide whether to go out and buy some more elastic or wait for the dedicated elastic to surface. We'll see.

I'm itching to start some new projects, but I'm trying to restrain myself for a while. I have enough big projects around the house that I am trying to minimize distractions for now. In other knitting news, my mom let slip that my sister-in-law is taking a knitting class with a friend. Rumor has it that she is intimidated to show her project to a more experienced knitter. The truth is, there is nothing an experienced knitter likes better than enabling encouraging an new knitter.