09 October 2006


In the last twelve hours, we have had an outbreak of near-death experiences. As we were trying to fall asleep last night, Bug discovered a chipped fingernail that was sharp and deadly dangerous. We turned on the light, got out a nail file and smoothed it out. Bean then found a fingernail that she couldn't live with and had to have filed as well. In the process of Bug's manicure, we discovered a hangnail. We got that tidied up, too, but there was some red at the base of the hangnail (probably just skin irritation from fiddling). Bug announced that he was bleeding and needed a band aid. So we found one and got that taken care of. Of course, that meant that Bean needed a band aid, too.

Then, this morning--when the fingers were declared all better--Bug discovered a scab on his forehead from beaning himself three or four days ago. Again, death was imminent if he didn't get a band aid. Which...wait for it...meant Bean needed one too. Here is a picture of Bug's trophy this morning:

I'm not sure what the supermodel pouty lips and intense gaze is all about.

In other news, the kids designed the breakfast menu this morning: slices of salami and pretzels dipped in spicy mustard. Yep, it's clearly shaping up to be "one of those" days!


Grandma K said...

That's the saddest sleepy face I've ever seen...LOL! Those newly discovered "old" injuries are just the worst anyway.