04 October 2006

We have sockage

A finished object for a change! I finished them earlier in the week and have started wearing them. Very cozy! They are made from Regia Norweger Ringel Color #5160. I did one on #2 dpns (a combination of Brittany wood and some other brand of bamboo), but kept snapping and bending the silly little sticks. Thus, I bought myself a 40" Addi Turbo circular in size 2 and did the second with Magic loop. The only problem is that the #2 wood and bamboo needles are 2.75 mm and the Addi Turbos are 3.0 mm, so the socks aren't exactly the same size. Fortunately, they came out closer than I expected. Unfortunately, they are both on the largish size and the picot edge rolls. I'll have to see how they look after they have been washed and then I might put some elastic thread in the picot cuffs to see if that helps.

However, even with foibles...handknit socks ROCK!!!

I immediately cast on my other color of Regia sock yarn (red, black, white, and grays). This time I am using a #1 KnitPicks circular and I LOVE it. Even though everyone I know sings praises for Addi Turbos, I like the KnitPicks better. The Addis aren't as sharply pointed and I didn't like that.


Grandma K said...

Another pair of cute, cute toes seem to have slipped into the picture...and those toes are smiling!