20 September 2006

Location, location, location

One of my favorite thing about our new apartment is the location. These pictures are from our new "close park." It's a short walk (the 23-month-old makes it without complaint) from our apartment. You can't see our building in this picture, but you can see some of the building in the complex.

The grocery store is also very close. If we just have a few things to pick up, we take the wagon. There is also a postal sub-station in the Hallmark store in the strip mall adjacent to the grocery store parking lot.

We can also walk to our primary care doctor's office (including pharmacy, labs, and vision care). It's right behind the park and about the same distance to our apartment.

Finally, and somewhat dangerously, with about the same walk as the close park or the doctor's office, is the infamous 'Bou. Must exercise restraint. Especially when Bug is swinging and starts begging for a "black and white ice cream coffee" (actually a chocolate cooler...a blended frozen coffee and chocolate concoction with whip cream on top).

And finally, walking home...ain't they cute?


Grandma K said...

The answer to your "walking home" question: YES, VERY!!