14 September 2006


Okay, I have just had it with these (insert profanity here) mosquitos. Our new apartment must be close to a MAJOR breeding ground. They are everywhere! It doesn't help that dear, sweet Mollie dog has decided to go on poop strike. She has been asking to go out every half hour all day, but just sniffs and browses and, oh maybe, pees. Meanwhile, I am a HUGE mosquito all-you-can-eat buffet. I'm getting cranky.

The good news is that the sun is actually out today! If it stays until tomorrow, I have promised the kids a park day. Hopefully, that will give enough time for the ground to dry a little bit. We did groceries this morning and will be heading off to Farmer's Market once the kidlings wake up from their nap.

The other MAJOR excitement for the day is that we got a new bed, which was delivered today. It is king-sized, so we can fit kids, cats, dogs, and other passers-by, without falling out of bed. It is an honest-to-goodness real matress with a box-spring and everything. We had been sleeping on the futon I bought in 1992 for my first apartment! Hopefully, everyone will sleep better now! Ha! Who am I kidding?? Well, at least we will be more comfortable waking up all night!


Mom said...

You obviously inherited the "mosquito magnet" thing from me. Try rubbing fresh bites (the sooner, the better) with Vicks Vaporub. It's a remedy that I read about in the People's Pharmacy column in our newspaper...and seems to work for me. I think the relief comes from either the camphor and/or the eucalytus oil in the Vicks. It also makes my bites go away a lot sooner. (I usually scratch a bite until the skin is gone and then have to wait for it to scab over and the scab to drop off, so I always carried my bites around a relatively long time.) It also worked with fire ant bites I got in Florida. At any rate, it's worth a try.

Enjoy your sunshine (it's currently raining "cats and dogs" here) and your new bed!