07 September 2006

Wausau and Mommit

Last week at the library, after picking out several DVDs for the kids (Thomas, Blue's Clues, etc.), a DVD of the three original Wallace and Gromit animated shorts caught my eye. I loved these way before Nick Park became a household name with Chicken Run. So I grabbed them and figured I could sneak them in during a nap or something, so I would have to interrupt their video time. Last night, Bug and Daddy ran a couple of errands, so I popped it in and Bean was just transfixed. She sat next to me on the sofa and watched all three half-hour films. Bug came in at the end and didn't seem too interested, but after we came home from the park, he begged for Wausau and Mommit. Unlike the kid-vids, the kids actually sit still and watch Wallace and Gromit. I think we are on our third time through right now! Tomorrow is library day, but we may need to renew this one!


Grandma K said...

Wausau and Mommit...hmmm, aren't those towns in Wisconsin?

You're might have to get "Chicken Run" for them, too, since they are so transfixed with these Wallace and Gromit shorts.