11 September 2006

New Shoes

When I am walking down the street
I do so like to watch my feet.
Perhaps you do not know the news,
Mother has bought me fine new shoes!
When the left one steps I do not speak,
I listen to its happy squeak.
--Marjorie Seymour Watts

Both kids got new sneakers at Target last night. Very exciting!! Bug's old sneakers were not only getting small, but the soles were almost completely worn off! Lots of miles on that pair of sneaks. Bean's were getting snug, too.

The poem above was once a much adored favorite of my baby brother. He would fill in strategic words when my mom or I would read it aloud to him. "New Shoes" and "Happy Keak" were his favorite. Since his first word was "shoes," it was hardly surprising.


Mom said...

Oooh, very white! It's a good thing you bought new sneakers AFTER moving away from the mud puddle shown in the pictures above.

The poem brought back memories...