12 September 2006

Rain, rain, go away!

Oh man, as much as I adore cool fall days, this raining ALL THE TIME thing is getting to me! We have been having rain almost every day since before we started moving. And even on the days it doesn't rain, it is still soggy out, except for a short stretch of nice weather. With the stress of moving and everything, I am not at my finest and the kids bouncing off the walls from being stuck inside is just adding to it.

Meanwhile, I guess I just need to keep focusing on the fact that we are getting more settled and organized in the new place all the time and that there are sure to be some warm, sunny, glorious fall days coming for running around at the park and the zoo.


Mom said...

It sounds like you've been getting typical Northwest (winter and spring) weather. Our rain is supposed to come in tonight, so I will probably be singing the rainy-day blues, too, before too long. However, right now, we've been without rain for so long, I dare not start to complain before it actually starts raining! (Also, I have no little ones bouncing off the walls.)