29 September 2006

WIP Friday

I'm going to start trying to post weekly knitting updates, to accomplish a couple of things. First, this way I hopefully won't finish something and then take a month to get pics (like Daddy's slippers). Second, I have a nasty habit of getting to many projects going at once and a weekly inventory might help with that. Finally, my nasty habit of leaving things all-but-finished has GOT to stop!! By posting pics regularly, I am trying to guilt myself into finishing the darn things.

My purse socks are almost done. Bean is pointing out a design feature. I'm not sure what. We have had some lovely park weather, so I can whip these babies out of my purse and add a few rows while I watch the kiddos play. When I finish these, I will be casting for my other pair of Regia socks in Black, White and Red.

The scarflet continues on. It's getting longer. Really. And the ball of yarn is getting smaller. I swear.

I started the shawl for Bean's Crumpets dress. I decided to forgo Clapotis and decided on doing Candle Flame Lace instead. I am about halfway through the first repeat and I think it will be pretty.

Finally, the missing bloomers have surfaced. They still only need to be grafted and have elastic installed.


Mike said...

I came by your blog after clicking the 'Next Blog' button. Knitting? Oh well, not my thing but still an interesting blog!

I remember my dear old Grandmother mass producing heavy socks when she was 100 years old. Kept her fingers nimble!

Enjoy your kids!

Best wishes, Mike (England)