23 January 2009

What a week!

We have had a good mix of exciting and historic and quiet and routine-y this week. On Monday we joined our friend K at the state capitol for a Martin Luther King Jr celebration. It wasn't exactly what we expected. We had thought it would be more music and less speechifying and one of K's friends was supposed to sing a solo with a choir and didn't. Beeb and I had a great time wandering the halls. He looked and and felt different colors of marble, climbed up and down steps, and inventoried and inspected every light fixture in the place, while I listened to the musical numbers (actually enhanced by the building acoustics) and tried to listen to the speakers (made pretty hard to decipher by the selfsame acoustics). Bug and Bean sat with K, but I think the whole thing was a bit beyond a six-year-old and four-year-old attention span. When Bug was explaining what I had missed, his synopsis was "A man had a birthday and tomorrow he's going to be president." Yeah, Bug, but not exactly. However, the HIGHLIGHT of Monday was the repair of the washing machine. After about 10 days without a washer, I'm thinking the maintenance guy was lucky that we weren't home when finally did the repair. I'm pretty sure I would have kissed him full on the lips.

While we were watching some of the pre-inauguration on TV on Tuesday, we got straight on whose birthday it was and who was becoming president. We watched most of the inauguration, but Bug and Bean tended to drift in and out over time. At least it was interesting enough that we found some books about voting, the presidency, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from the library on Wednesday.

Beyond that, we have been doing our usual things which includes some knitting. I finished Beeb's winter night longies and I am just tickled with how they turned out:


I just hope Beeb's ankles and feet don't get too cold from the snowdrifts! And a close-up of the snowman:


We have also been playing Lego Star Wars on Wii and have discovered that Bug needs a timer when the game is going or he would never quit. I have been playing along with him and it's actually pretty fun. I like the cooperative nature of the game better than the Wii sports that came with it. Actually, I don't like getting beaten by Bug who waves the remote around in the air, mostly at random and still beats me at most sports.


Namma said...

Glad to hear that you're back in business with your washing machine. Isn't it funny how much we take for granted our many conveniences...until they quit working, that is. I don't know how many times I hit light switches a week ago when our electricity was off for a few hours (even though I was fully aware that they wouldn't work)! ;o)

Beeb's longies are ever so cute. You'll have to post a picture of the little cutie modeling them.

dale-harriet said...

Ah, yes, the glories of the washer -- right up there with....well, maybe JUST below...indoor plumbing. (I'd scrub laundry in the river if I had to but oh I love my Plumbing!) And yes - those warmies for Beeb are ADORABLE! Learning to do that - pictures & stuff in the knitting - I'm hoping to grok to that this year. Sometime. :o)

MollyBeees said...

Yeah! Lots to celebrate...not the least of which was the washer issue! Bet I know what you've been doing. LOVE the snowman pants. Can you make me some too!? You can make them out of 'dykron' since that my verification word!