07 January 2009

Catching Up I: Holiday Yarniness

Since we have been completely gobsmacked by the Holidaze, I am once again dreadfully behind in blogging. Last time this happened, I did several short catch-up posts rather than slogging through it all. So here we go. In no particular order.

There may have been some post-Christmas stash enhancement. Kitty Daddy and the kidlets gave me a gift certificate to my local LYS (as opposed to my favorite LYS, more on that in a bit). Since I seem to be going through the toes and heels on all my socks at once, I opted for some sock yarn acquisition. The first is Colinette Jitterbug (just like the No More Stinkin' Winter socks) in Raspberry:


I have already started THE viral knit from Last Saturday Knitting (Charade), except toe-up instead of top-down and a different toe and heel. Yeah, so that's basically just taking the texture from the pattern. Pattern, Schmattern. Heh.

I also got two other skeins of sock yarn, On Your Toes one turquoisey and one pinkish.



Okay, the difference between the local LYS and the favorite LYS...the local one is just a mile or so from our house and they do have some mighty fine yarns, but I finally figured out one reason that I just don't like them as much as the Sow's Ear (other than Late Night, that is). The owner must have almost diametrically opposite tastes in color from me. I go in there and look at the pretty yarns and touch them and ogle them, but I have always had trouble when it comes time to pick something out. I finally figured it out this time. Another discovery is that they buy stash yarn and sell it on the cheap, so I may have to keep my eye on that inventory...

It goes without saying that the favorite one is the Sow's Ear. The best thing about the Ear is, by far, the people, both knitters and staff, but I also have a much easier time finding things that simply must follow me home. At Late Night last Friday, I used a little Christmas cash to buy "It Itches" by Franklin (LOVE IT!!!) and these:



It is possible I may be developing a wee bit of a Peace Fleece problem. But really, I can stop any time...just one more skein, 'kay? Or two...or maybe a sweater's worth. No really, any time. I can stop any time...


Namma said...

It appears that there will be some very pretty (and colorful) new socks to replace the mostly worn-out ones before too long. But couldn't you possibly come up with a design to recycle the holey ones into a sock toy of some sort? It just seems a shame to throw out hand-knit socks (even it they have holes)...{:o(

Stephany said...

That is why you teach the little ones to darn!

I have a goal that by the end of this year, I will be knitting something other than scarves.

Marianne said...

Lovely sock yarns!
Ooooh, the Peace Fleece Habit, I've got one also, LOVE that stuff!!!!!!!