08 January 2009

Catching Up II: Stealth Projects

While there wasn't a lot of Christmas knitting and crafting, there were a few projects. First up, crafting with the kids. For the grandparents, we made tote bags with freezer paper stencils. The kids make the drawings on freezer paper and I did the cutting and painting. The bags are:

Sammy dancing in a mushroom (Beeb is on top) by Bean for our local adopted grandma:

Cat sleeping by Bug for Kitty Daddy's mom:

Bug in an easy chair with mom in the wind by Bug for Kitty Daddy's dad:

Kitty Daddy and Bean by Bean for Kitty Mommy's parents:

My bit of Christmas knitting was for my wee nieceling. She got a pair of Peace Fleece longies and a matching gnome baby with some of the leftover yarn:



Oh, and if you're interested, here are pictures of my baby brother being a dork with veggies. One of us was clearly switched at birth, as I am never goofy or odd. *snort*


Namma said...

The tote bag designs by your budding artists are great, and the bags are wonderful and useful gifts for all who received them. I also know for a fact that the knitted longies and little doll are truly loved and appreciated by the recipients of that gift.

Stephany said...

It is always so much more fun to get something that someone made themselves. The bags are fun and I love the little gnome.

Cindy G said...

Arrgh, Blogger ate my comment.

Ahem, as I was trying to say, I seriously need a "cat sleeping" tote, and whenever Bug gets the Etsy shop open I'm on it.

Also, the little gnome is the cutest thing ever (except for maybe the neice)

MollyBeees said...

Great looking longies and that gnome is adorable. I'll have to get your 'recipe'!