15 January 2009


We are deep in the deep freeze here in Wisconsin! Last night our thermometer on the back deck got down to -17.9°F (-27.7°C) and now, at mid-day we have warmed up to a balmy -6.3°F (-21.3°C). The good news is: no one has puked yet today (yesterday was Bean's turn); the bad news: the washer isn't fixed yet, the dirty diapers and basket of puked on items are threatening to take over the whole house (and I'm not even including the regular laundry that has piled up since Sunday), and there is no stinkin' way I am dragging the kids out to the laundromat in this weather. I guess that means I get to go this evening after supper.

Although Bug and Bean would love to go outside and play in the snow (yeah, we've had a ton of that this year too!), we are finding ways to stay entertained. Bug's (invisible) girlfriend Lainie had triplets and gave them to him. So he is parenting the babies, while I am desperately hoping this doesn't portend things to come!

Bean is in her ballet gear, practicing her moves (both ballet moves and prima ballerina/diva moves):
Beeb has been working the pretzels and working the cute in Mama-made knitting:

So basically, we've got a single father of triplets, a diva-in-training, and a pretzel addict. Good times.

We have also been watching Disney movies and playing with toys. After lunch we'll pull out at least a part of our pile of books and snuggle and read. Not a bad way to spend a frigid day!


Cindy G said...

Bean carries off the boa and diva purse very well.

Have a good snuggle.

Stephany said...

It is so ridiculously cold that it is almost scary.

My kids don't even want to go outside at this point, it is just too cold.

I hope you get your washer fixed, soon. What an awful time for it to break.

Namma said...

Frigid weather gives you a perfectly sensible reason to do things like snuggle and read...and for the kidlings to use their very creative imaginations. Despite the tummy upsets, they all look cute and engaged with their respective activities.

MollyBeees said...

"So basically, we've got a single father of triplets, a diva-in-training, and a pretzel addict. Good times." SNORT! Now all you need to add is a 'Ben' to the mix. He managed to eat various parts of Flat Eddie today despite being bosum buddies for almost a year. It's only a matter of time until he turns on me....