06 November 2008

A Late Jack-O-Lantern

This jaggety toothless jack-o-lantern smile came to us Tuesday at supper. Bug had been wiggling his first loose tooth for a while and during dinner, out it came! He is very proud of his new grin and excited about the new tooth peeking out.

We have been enjoying a spell of unseasonably warm weather (In the 70s! In November!), so we have been outside trying to soak up some warm and sun to tide us over the winter. We spent several hours at the zoo after voting on Tuesday, but I'm afraid our heat wave is coming to an end. Today is rainy and a bit cooler, but the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday is SNOW! Oh well, I can't say I complete object to more time inside and cozy, cuz that means more knitting!


Namma said...

Tell Bug "Congratulations" from G&G on losing his first baby tooth, which is a major milestone in his young life. It's always fun to discover that the new permanent teeth that come in have such neat jaggedy edges...look like they've been cut off with a pinking shears! ;o)

MollyBeees said...

YAY BUG! Way to go, Dude! Did the tooth fairy stop by? Are you making a hat for Chocolate Sheep? I asked her about the colors and she gave me Harry Potter references which I don't know anything about. Do you? If not, I'll hit up my preteen nephew for info! See you tomorrow night?

Marianne said...

Bug Dude! Congratulations!

It's cooler here this morning, but no snow in our forecast for the weekend,
just lots of yard work and tucking the beds in for the Winter.