26 November 2008

Talkin' Turkey

We've been keeping a pretty low profile. Between the capacious diaper butt, the waddling walk, and the little new-walker wings:

I don't want anyone getting any crazy ideas, if ya know what I mean! All he needs is a few tail feathers. Of course, the hiney is all diaper and the breast isn't all that meaty, so I'm afraid there would be disappointment all around. And here's another picture for those who need a fix:

He's saying, "I'm so irresistable, you couldn't possibly resist giving me the shiny camera, could you? Pwetty pwease???"

I have been knitting like crazy lately, alternating between infuriating ribbing (not my favorite...I get even tenser than usual, so I tire quickly) and completely zen stockinette in the round. I am (almost simultaneously) making longies, thumbless mittens, and hat for Beeb out of this:


hat and mittens for Bean out of this:


and hat and mittens for Bug out of this:


A couple of weeks ago, we made a trip out to the Sow's Ear and Bug and Bean each got to pick a skein of superwash wool for their mittens and hats. They have pretty good taste! I am enjoying knitting with the purple stuff and I think I will enjoy the rainbow sherbet one too!

And the "Mother of the Year" committee is having another good snicker on my behalf. On Monday, this is where Beeb went down for his nap:

(to my credit, I did put him in a softer spot with a blankie after I took the picture) and then a couple of hours later as I was heading out to Charity Knitting at the Ear, Ms. Drama Llama was going to pieces, telling me that she wanted me to stay with her. I told her, "You know what? I. don't. care." and headed out to knit (again, to my credit, I liked all the kids again when I got home from knitting).


Namma said...

Babies are so versatile...all business one moment and sleeping, well, like babies, the next...and on almost any surface. Very cute pictures of Beeb...love the whorl that shows up on the back of his head with his short hair cut. As long as you don't brine the baby, I think he safe from becoming a Thanksgiving treat, although he's so cute, one could almost eat him up anyway!

Your three kidlings are going to be most stylish in their handmade hat and mitten sets...and in colors of their own choice (for Bug and Bean, aka Ms. DL).

milw said...

When my kids go all drama on me I tell myself that they can tell it to their therapists some day.

milw said...

oops. sorry, logged in on my husband's computer. It's elizabeth SABLE.

Marianne said...

What a little stud muffin, and the napping on the table? hilarious!
Gorgeous yarn choices, yep, your kids have great taste in yarn.
It's good for kids to know that Mom has a bit of life outside their realm but you can always expect a little drama when you're trying to get out the door :^)

MollyBeees said...

Oh my Gosh! That Beeb is SO Snuggle worthy!

Hege said...

How cute to fall asleep on the table ;)
You have found some great yarns for ypur next projects.
Have a great weekend :)